LO Design Studio is an Interior Design firm based in Canberra, ACT. LO Design Studio specialises in full-service interior design projects for residential (renovations + new build), as well as boutique office and hospitality interior design.


LO Design Studio can either work directly with clients, or in collaboration with an Architect from the beginning of a project right through to completion. LO Design Studio can work on residential projects (both renovation and new build), as well as boutique office and hospitality fit-outs.


  • Interior Space Planning

  • Custom Kitchen + Bathroom Design

  • Custom Joinery + Upholstery Design

  • Interior Materials, Finishes + Fittings Selection

  • Lighting Layout + Lighting Selection

  • Interior Documentation for Pricing + Construction

  • Design Management throughout construction


  • Furniture, Art + Object Selection, Procurement + Installation

  • Custom Furniture Design + Procurement

  • Window Treatment Design + Procurement

  • Custom Upholstery + Soft Furnishings Design + Procurement

If you are still unsure if LO Design Studio can help on your project, then please feel free to send through your questions via. email. I will happily answer any queries you have, or clarify anything that is not clear.

Please see below for an indication of the fees associated with LO Design Studio's interior design services.



$495 (incl. GST)


All LO Design Studio interior design projects start with an initial consultation.

The initial consultation ideally takes place in your home and can run for up to 2 hours. During this time, we will walk through your home, chat about how you live, and what your ultimate design vision is. We will also discuss details such as the budget and timeframe for your project.

Our meeting is documented and will be used as our detailed brief if you choose to engage LO Design Studio for further interior design services. Within a week of our meeting a summary of all the items covered will be emailed to you along with a custom fee proposal for further interior design services (if you have requested one).


$495 consultation + customised fee based on $180/hour


LO Design Studio's full service interior design approach is where we take your initial ideas and turn them into reality for you.

Starting with our initial consultation, we then use our structured design process to design and document your project, as well as engage and manage the trades to build your project. When we are close to the finish line LO Design Studio procures and co-ordinates the installation of all the final finishing touches (such as art, furniture and soft furnishings).

By the end of our time together you are left with a beautiful, completed space ready for you to move into, live in and enjoy.

Custom full service interior design fees can be structured as a flat rate fee (lump sum) or at an hourly rate. There are pros and cons to each structure which can be discussed with you during our initial consultation. Our fee proposal will be based on the structure which we mutually agree will be the best fit for you and your project.

As a general guide for interior design fees we advise to have around 10-20% on top of your budget set aside for interior design services, however fees will be dependent on the project scope that is established at your initial consultation.