LO Design Studio is an Interior Design firm based in Canberra, ACT. LO Design Studio specialises in full-service interior design projects for residential (renovations + new build), as well as boutique office and hospitality interior design.


LO Design Studio is an interior design firm based in Canberra.

At LO Design Studio we aim to create high quality and exceptionally detailed interiors. Combining holistic design principals, with a keen eye for detail, LO Design Studio will guide clients to realising the full potential of their interior spaces.

We believe that functional and efficient design does not have to mean compromising on aesthetics. A well crafted and thoughtfully planned interior space should not only respond and perform perfectly to the people using the space, but should look beautiful as well. Each space should be as unique as the person that occupies it, therefore, no two projects should ever be the same.

With experience on projects ranging from small residential through to large commercial, LO Design Studio would love to help you with your next design project.

Lauren Oneill, Canberra Interior Designer LO Design Studio.



Formally qualified with a Bachelor of Interior Design, as well as over 9 years experience in the Canberra Architecture and Design industry, Lauren has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to designing custom interior spaces for her clients.

When Lauren isn't working away on the next big project, she is researching and keeping up to date with the latest in design with magazines, books and blogs.

Apart from design, Lauren also has a love for art and photography, both things that provide inspiration and serve as a creative outlet outside of work hours.